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Treatments We Offer

EGD ( evaluation and treatment )

  • Evaluation and treatment of with disorders related swallowing
  • Heart burn
  • Bravo placement for Ph studies
  • Manometry Cather placement if you are unable to tolerate placement non sedated.
  • Bleeding treatment ( variceal and non variceal bleeding)
  • Biopsy for evaluation of H. Pylori
  • Evaluation and treatment Barrett’s esophagus
  • Evaluation and endomucal resection of esophageal and gastric lesion

Colonoscopy both diagnostic and therapeutic

  • Colon cancer screening
  • Polyp removal including large polyps
  • Anemia evaluation and treating AVM
  • Yearly Survielence for ulcerative colitis and IBD patients

Upper endoscopic ultrasound

  • Evaluate for gall stones/ pancreatitis and other lesions in the Gi tract and also obtain needle biopsies for esophageal / gastric and pancreatic lesions
  • Celiac block
  • Endoscopic glue and coil for gastric variceal
  • Evaluation of the liver

Lower endoscopic ultrasound

  • Stage and evaluate rectal cancer, lymph nodes and gastrointestinal endometriosis


  • With and with out spy cholangioscopy to treat gall stones in the bile duct / acute cholecystitis/ cholangiocarcinoma evaluation/ bile leak/ biliary and pancreatic stricture therapy


  • Close gastric leak and repair post gastric sleeve pouches


  • Eus evaluation of the liver
  • Hemorrdial banding
  • Hydrogen breath test
  • Motility studies
  • Rubber Band Ligation for Hemorrhoids