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Apurva Trivedi, MD

Dr. Apurva Trivedi has been practicing gastroenterology in Texas since 2012 with expertise in the management of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and C.difficile colitis.  He has experience in teaching medical students, residents, and fellows through the Texas A&M Health Sciences Center.  He enjoys spending time at the lakes and rivers around Georgetown and Austin, reading, and meditating.

Graduate Medical Education
07/2009-06/2012 Gastroenterology Fellowship
University of Maryland/National Institutes of Health Gastroenterology-Hepatology Scholars Program
University of Maryland Medical Center and Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland and
National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Center, Bethesda, Maryland
Program Director: Bruce Greenwald, MD
Research Director: Stephen Wank, MD

07/2005 – 06/2008 Internal Medicine Residency
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Program Director: Peter Lichstein, MD

Medical Education
University of South Alabama College of Medicine, Mobile, Alabama
08/2001 – 05/2005
MD, 05/2005

Undergraduate – Duke University, Durham, NC
Chemistry, Environmental Focus; Biology
08/1997 – 05/2001
BS, 05/2001

Membership and Honorary/Professional Societies
American College of Physicians
American Gastroenterological Association
American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
American College of Gastroenterology

American Board of Internal Medicine Certification 08/2008
American Board of Internal Medicine Gastroenterology Certification 10/2012
ACLS/BLS Certified

Research Experience
National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Center, Maryland
Clinical research fellow, Stephen Wank, M.D.
I was a research fellow investigating the familial form of mid-gut carcinoid tumors. The rareness of sporadic carcinoid tumors has prevented large-scale genetic analysis studies and has limited the development of reliable diagnostic modalities for early detection. My responsibilities included patient recruitment and enrollment, clinical care of hospitalized research patients, and performance of upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, and video capsule endoscopy on research patients. My research focused on defining the test performance characteristics of endoscopic, radiographic, nuclear medicine, and biochemical assays in early detection of carcinoid tumor. I continue to read video capsule endoscopy studies for this project.

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Apurva Trivedi, MD